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Who we are

The history of our company dates back to 1992…

when because of our newly found freedom, we two young, ambitious women, in love with gastronomy, decided to set up Party Catering Agency. Like many other young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, we found it an immensely challenging task to make ourselves one of the first and best catering Agencies in Poland, but passion and commitment won the day. The first step was to show our potential clients to whose perception of catering was the kind of fare dished up in factory canteen and that “finger food” was orangeade and crisps.
People couldn’t believe that it was possible for hot and fresh food could be delivered to their venue and served still piping hot three hours later. To achieve this lofty goal we needed to be fully focused on our main aim of making our client’s “dream party” a reality. Wanting to produce only the highest quality dishes our first rule was to only buy the freshest ingredients from the most reputable suppliers.
At “Party” we have loved the challenge of constantly evolving and enhancing our services and as part of this continual striving for improvement, we would like you to take a look at us via the medium of our all new website.
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Meet our team

By far the most important factor in our success has been our staff. Our catering advisors are experts in the field of party creation. No detail is too small for them to ensure that your function runs smoothly and the same goes for our chefs who create culinary masterpiece on daily basis. Let’s not forget our drivers who deliver the goods (in both meanings of the expression!) on time, every time. As for our attentive yet relaxed waiting staff they will ensure that your event will be remembered not only for the excellence of the food but the stylish charm with which it was served.
We believed that “professionalism’ means not just taking pride in every aspect of one’s work to gain pleasure from it too. This approach shines through everything all of us do and this shared enjoyment of the occasion between our staff and our clients means that our business relationships are as long lasting as our happy memories of an event well done.

Adrian Turlejski

Catering & Event Specialist
He mainly deals with creating business offers and he is responsible for client support.

Ludwika Makowiec

Chairwoman of the Board
Company founders and, the forerunners of catering in Poland. She has been guiding the Agency's activities for 22 years now.

Ela Zielonka

V-ce Chairwoman of the Board
Company founder and, the one of forerunners of catering in Poland. She has been guiding the Agency's activities for 22 years now.

Emil Niciejewski

Chief Executive Officer
with his experience in the catering industry make him one of the most knowledgably gastronomic experts

Damian Kozłowski

Sales Manager
Damian and his expert staff provide both information and inspiration for you

Gosia Komendowska

Marketing Assistant
She takes care of the company's image, dealing with marketing and PR.

Marcin Makowiec

Chief Accountant
Mr. Marcin is handle full spectrum of financial and cost accounting role

Marcin Łaziuk

A talented chef with many years of experience. He ensures the highest standards of food preparation.

Mariusz Gołota

Party's drivers are all very punctual and exceptionally.

Company history

  • 1992

    Our first function! – a garden wedding banquet
  • 1995

    A piece of an interview given “Super Tydzień” magazine about Party Catering Agency offer’s
  • 1996

    An article in t “Dobre Rady” magazine – November 1996.
  • 2000

    Ahead of our time! Party launches’ diet lunches in 2000
  • 2008

    An event organized on the runway of Modlin Airport –Robert Kubica the great F1 driver and his racing car were the main attractions of the event.
  • 2009

    A short extract from an article (describing the history of our company) published in “Przegląd Gastronomiczny”.
  • 2012

    An all day event for Media Markt (the owner of such brands as Real, Makro, Satrurn) to promote employment for young graduates. The event for 400 people took place in Soho Factory in Warsaw.
  • 2012

    A banquet to celebrate the introduction to the market of Mazda’s new car - CX5. The event for 570 guests took place in a huge hangar at Warsaw’s Airport.
  • 2014

    "Live cooking" in Muranów cinema
  • 2016

    We are still working hard to make the best parties. Oscar Awards banquete organized for over 500 guests.
  • 2017

    25- years of our company. We truly hope that we can more :)
  • 2018

    Oscar Awards Night for the 9th time.
  • 2018

    Barbecues, picnics and even more during the summer ! This is our favourite time of the year.