We are food designers

Party has been expanding and evolving over the last twenty four years. Thanks to your support Party Catering Agency is associated with the highest quality and competence. As the time has changed so has our approach towards culinary artistry and elegance of dishes, gaining modern twist.
Our modern, light and healthy food not only tastes sumptuous but looks great as well. Our great passion always has been designing unique food, because we simply love cooking.
We are constantly creating a fresh approach at modern cuisine...
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Our service

Party’s number one aim is total commitment to each and every project we are involved in, while this is “easier said than done” our efforts have been rewarded and recognized by our peers in the catering industry.
We are constantly analysing, and adapting our menus, drawing our inspiration from cuisines and techniques from all over the world. This wide range of knowledge enables us to create exactly the ultimate combination of tastes, and ingredients that will complement and enrich not only your guests’ enjoyment of our dishes but also immerse them in the unique atmosphere of the event.
Our events are always individually crafted to your exact wishes, so you can rest assured whether it’s a cozy family get-together or a formal corporate banquet we leave no stones unturned in our guest to help you create the “Perfect Party”.
Please “make yourself at home” on our website and browse through some examples of what we can offer. Smacznego!!!!

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